We can't cancel out everyday life for you. But we can make it much easier – As Europe's number one home appliance brand, Bosch products provide peak performance each and every day. They represent uncompromising quality, technical perfection and absolute reliability. Yesterday, today and in the future.

Top Offers

  1. Bosch HBA534BB0A 60cm Black Built In Oven
    RRP $1,199.00
  2. Bosch HBF133BS0A 60cm Serie 2 Electric Built-In Oven
    RRP $999.00
  3. Bosch WAW28420AU 9kg Front Load Washing Machine
    RRP $1,849.00
    No longer available
  4. Bosch HBA574BS0A 60cm Stainless Steel Pyrolytic Oven
    RRP $1,599.00
  5. Bosch HXU09AH50A 60cm Stainless Steel Dual Fuel Freestanding Cooker
    RRP $1,499.00
  6. Bosch HSG656XB6A 60cm Black Combi Steam Oven
    RRP $5,399.00
    No longer available

Explore the Bosch Range

Bosch Ovens

Whether you’re preparing poultry, meat, fish, vegetarian dishes, baked goods or desserts, your favourite dishes are always cooked to perfection – and it couldn’t be easier. With Bosch, now you have a master chef to help you in the kitchen: your oven

Bosch Cooktops

Whether you choose induction, gas or ceramic, a Bosch cooktop will add versatility, style and elegance to your kitchen.

Bosch Rangehoods

To make sure that you only smell what you really want to when you're cooking, we have developed a range of powerful rangehoods. In addition, insulation and a low-noise motor make them so quiet that you and your guests will barely hear a thing.

Bosch Dishwashers

We test every dishwasher rigorously, meaning that every sheet of metal, every hinge, every screw and bolt is used, stressed, soiled, flooded, and heated before our dishwashers go into production. Ultimately, a dishwasher from Bosch is one thing in particular: especially durable.

Bosch Laundry

Both Bosch washing machines and dryers make life easier for you – and they do it for the life of the appliance. Thanks to the automatic programmes, they're not only clear and simple to operate, they also provide the best results with the lowest levels of water and energy consumption.