Traditional extractor hoods are loud, ineffective, visibly intrusive and restrict the possibilities when designing a kitchen.  Through their innovative and integrated design, BORA extraction and cooktop systems provide the flexibility to bring your dream kitchen to life. Maliciously engineered,  BORA systems draw cooking vapours directly from the benchtop more effectively than ever before possible. BORA’s design and innovation truly defines the standard in extraction technology and aesthetic appeal.  

Design to Impress

By eliminating overhead extractors, the placement of cooktops is no longer restricted. This means you can create iconic yet functional designs by positioning the cooktop in the perfect location such as under a window or incorporated into an island bench. This freedom also helps maintain the clean lines in open, minimalist kitchen designs and allows you to reclaims cabinet space as additional storage.

A Breath of Fresh Air

BORA extractors provide a smart and highly effective solution  to draw away odours, vapour,  smoke and grease particles directly from the benchtop. This prevents vapours from rising up and unpleasant orders lingering throughout the room.

BORA’s powerful yet quiet fans have been measured and proven to deliver a 100% cleanrate.  Even pots as tall as 20cm are no match for BORA’s extractor.

Enjoy fresher and healthier air in your kitchen with BORA extraction.


BORA offers a wide range of modular extraction and cooktop options. From surface induction, to gas or Tepan stainless steel grills you can customize the perfect solution to your exact culinary  needs and create the kitchen of your dreams.

Peace and Quiet

BORA’s motor is quieter than traditional extractor hoods  - perfect to enjoy music or continue the conversion with guests whilst cooking. It is so quiet in fact, it is quieter than frying a steak, even when set to the highest level!

Easy to Use, Built to Last

Manufactured with only the highest quality materials including pure stainless steel and heavy-metal-free glass ceramic, BORA products combine sophisticated style with easy to use functionality.

Smart technology including is combined with  of classic, simple knob control and integrated touch surface and digital display for intuttive, priciece cooking contorl.


The simple design of BORA cooktops allows for easy access to components without the need for tools. Parts can be removed with ease and washed by hand, or even in the dishwasher.

Award Winning Design

At e&s we're BORA Experts

To find out more about BORA, or experience one of their famous cooking demonstrations,  we welcome you to make contact with us today and let an expert help you through all things planning, design & functionality. 

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