Embrace design freedom with Fisher & Paykel's comprehensive suite of luxury ovens, cooktops and appliance drawers to complement your kitchen's aesthetic.

Enjoy design freedom with Fisher & Paykel's extensive collections of luxury ovens, cooktops, and appliance drawers in ranges expertly designed to perfectly complement your home's style

Contemporary Style

Luxury appliances featuring clean lines and contrasting finishes for a timeless look.

Representing a timeless, enduring style, Contemporary appliances feature clean lines, bold contrasting tones, and signature design features that have become a hallmark of the style.

The Contemporary style is both modern and traditional creating a sleek, refined look that is not defined by any single era or vintage. It celebrates simplicity and purity. Contemporary appliances can be paired to create a elegantly considered design.

With perfectly balanced proportions, quality materials and craftsmanship-level finishes, Contemporary style appliances are designed to enhance any kitchen.

Minimal Style

Create a sleek look with ultra-modern-styled appliances that blend seamlessly into the kitchen.

The Minimal style celebrates minimalist design allowing appliances to blend seamlessly into the kitchen. The style is defined by a single colour palette, with subtle contrasts in texture and tone to create a purposefully refined appearance.

Because cooking appliances cannot be truly hidden behind cabinetry, the Minimal style is designed to complement integrated kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators and dishwashers. The Minimal style’s singular colour treatment allows the appliances to visually sit back without dominating other kitchen design elements.

The subtle differences in Minimal material textures and tones are restrained and tastefully understated, bringing depth and visual interest whilst maintaining the simplicity of the style.

Classic Style

Blending heritage design with modern performance.

Experience the perfect blend of period style and modern performance with Classic appliances.

Classic style appliances are designed to have presence within a kitchen – to stand out and make a statement as a bold centrepiece. They are an eclectic, and expressive focal point.

With a number of colour options available, the Classic style brings personality and character to the kitchen, the perfect appliance to bring a touch of modernity to traditional homes while keeping with the design of the home.

Quality can be found in every detail, from the fit, finish, functionality, and performance. Classic style appliances are built to meet the demands of serious home cooks.

Integrated Style

A range of premium kitchen appliances neatly concealed within kitchen cabinets for a streamlined look.

Create a streamlined look in your kitchen with the latest Fisher & Paykel integrated appliances.

Dishwashers, rangehoods, refrigerators and wine fridges can all be hidden in plain sight behind your own kitchen cabinet panels making the space appear larger, neater and more streamlined without affecting performance.

Combine your integrated appliances with a low profile induction cooktop and an oven in a finish that complements your cabinetry for a fully functional, barely there kitchen design.