Unique Design | Unlike anything else

The clever interchangeable design of the Kohler Components™ tapware collection provides complete freedom to infuse your personal style into any room.

Elegant faucet spouts and striking handles are designed to pair in any combination allowing almost limitless ways to create a uniquely stunning look.

Components™ is a truly versatile collection that was designed to be designed by you.

Hailing from Paris, the Components™ team was inspired by European architecture, art, and design to create a modern collection unlike anything else.  Each element of the collection is a minimalist piece of sculpture - unveiled in design, usability, and quality craftsmanship.


The versatility of the Components™ collection enables it to be used in a wide range of looks and styles to create bold design statements throughout your home.

Combine your personal choice of spout and handles in beautiful finishes to complete any room exactly as you imagined.


Every spout within the Components™ collection features minimalist modern lines.  Both the Row and Tube spouts feature laminar flow for less splash and a more natural movement to the water stream.


Each handle within the Components™ collection is meticulously engineered to deliver precise water flow and temperature control. Every actuation is thoughtfully designed to be intuitive and effortless.

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