Miele makes it easy

Easy access on any level

Miele's FlexiClip telescopic runners provide extra functionality and ease of use by allowing baking trays, racks, or oven dishes to be pulled clear of the oven compartment for easy access during cooking. Customise your Miele oven by placing the FlexiClip runners on any shelf level to accommodate a wide range of dishes, from cookies to casseroles. Miele's FlexiClip telescopic runners come as standard with all Miele ovens.

Delivering healthy and delicious meals

Steaming is renowned for locking in flavour and nutrients. Miele's DualSteam technology ensures fast heat and cooking times thanks to a powerful external 3.3KW steam generator and the special positioning of two DualSteam steam inlets. The result - even distribution of steam for perfect cooking results, every time.

Concentrated power for fast heating

Miele's TwinBooster function allows greater flexibility when cooking as the induction power can be targeted to where it's needed. Producing incredibly fast heat up times thanks to the powerful 3.7KW TwinBooster, a 2 litre pot of water can be boiled in only 4 minutes.

Uniform temperature distribution

Miele's DynaCool technology ensures even temperature distribution and circulation of cool air inside the entire refrigerator. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of being able to place food and drinks on any level with consistent cooling throughout. Warm spots are finally a thing of the past and storing fresh produce has never been easier.

Lock in freshness and flavour

Ice crystals can form when food is frozen too slowly. Miele's SuperFreeze technology rapidly drops the temperature to -32°C to snap freeze produce, locking in vitamins, nutrients and flavour and minimising moisture loss when defrosting. SuperFreeze is perfect for storing larger cuts of meat such as roasts.

Long lasting freshness

Miele's PerfectFresh Pro drawers provide the ideal microclimate for storing fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat, and fish by controlling the temperature and humidity. Produce stays fresh up to 5 times longer reducing food wastage and saving you money.

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