Save $200 on Miele B 3847 FashionMaster ironing system. Conditions apply - ENDS 30/06/21Save $200 on Miele B 3847 FashionMaster ironing system. Conditions apply - ENDS 30/06/21

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Save $200 on Miele B 3847 FashionMaster ironing system


Honeycomb structure soleplate

The benefits of the Miele honeycomb drum are now being used on the FashionMaster. With the patented honeycomb soleplate, the steam is distributed differently than with conventional irons: lightning-fast through the small channels between the honeycombs, across the entire soleplate. The steam film produced allows the iron to glide effortlessly and gently, yet effectively over the laundry.

Ready for use again in no time

Get rid of unsightly creases and wrinkles in your jacket, blazer, evening gown or curtains with the steamer. It weighs only half as much as the iron but uses the same steam pressure and steam quantity. It also prevents shiny patches on textiles. The Steam Jet can also be used when the FashionMaster is folded away.

Gentler fabric care

For everything that is to be smoothed but not flattened, the FashionMaster ironing board offers a blower function. The fan creates an air pocket between the garment and the ironing table so that frills, cashmere, etc. keep their shape. This also helps to prevent seam impressions.

Non-stick soleplate

For difficult items - whether sequins, prints.

CoolDown function

Safety is a priority for Miele: consequently, movement sensors and monitoring of controls ensure that the iron switches off automatically if it is not used for about three minutes. It switches on again automatically when it is moved.

1-2 lift-system

Two easy steps to set up, requiring little or no effort at all! With the patented 1-2 lift system, the entire appliance consisting of iron, steam generator and ironing table is set up with the simplest of steps. Unfolding and folding away again is easy thanks to the patented X-frame mechanism. FashionMaster not only smooths your laundry, but it also takes the strain off your back.

Mobile and nimble

Mobile and nimble: The FashionMaster stands firmly without requiring additional support even when folded-up, and can be positioned anywhere in your home. The wheels, with their supple tread, allow the appliance to be transported easily. It takes door thresholds, carpet edges and even the odd step or two in its stride.

Comfort Zone

Large ironing board - With a 120 x 40 cm large ironing table, even entire trouser legs or large shirts fit on the FashionMaster. is designed for you to iron the entire front of a blouse or shirt in a single process without having to re-position the yoke. A great time-saving feature.

Offer valid 01 June 2021 - 30 June 2021

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