Save up to $1300 on ASKO Laundry Packages. Conditions apply - ENDS 31/10/21Save up to $1300 on ASKO Laundry Packages. Conditions apply - ENDS 31/10/21

 Combine ASKO Laundry Offers & Save up to $1300*

Save $300
on selected ASKO Washing Machines¹ & Dryers²
¹Included Washing Machines: W2084CW, W4086C, W4086PW & W4104CWAU
²Included Dryers: T208CW, T208HW, T408HDW, T410HDW & DC7774

ASKO 'Buy My Partner' Laundry Packages
Save $200* - Washing Machine + Dryer Packages
Save $400* - Washing Machine + Dryer + Drying Cabinet Packages

Save $800*
$300 OFF Washing Machine¹ + $300 OFF Dryer² + $200* BUY MY PARTNER Saving

Save $1300*
$300 OFF Washing Machine¹ + $300 OFF Dryer² $300 OFF Drying Cabinet + $400* BUY MY PARTNER+ Saving

Featured Products:


QUATTRO CONSTRUCTION™ is a unique, yet simple system consisting of four shock  absorbers that transfer the vibrational energy from the outer drum to the bottom plate of the machine. The entire construction stands inside the casing and spinning at even maximum rpm can be achieved virtually free of vibrations.


If you want to save both water and energy,
you should choose Green mode. To achieve the best possible washing and rinsing results, yet still reduce energy consumption, each stage in the program is prolonged. Total program time will thus be longer compared to Normal mode.


STEEL SEAL™ Eliminates the need for a rubber door seal that can degrade over time and trap dirt and grime, ensuring a more hygienic wash. You will also find loading and unloading easier with the Steel Seal™ door solution. All ASKO domestic washers have this long-lasting door solution.


Dirt is not good for your clothes and detergents are not good for your skin. As a preventive measure for people with very sensitive skin ASKO’s washing machines feature an extra rinse function called Super Rinse. This is especially important in countries with soft water and means that the machine rinses up to seven times.


The hourglass-shaped and removable lifters guide the load to the gentler central area of the drum and effectively remove large debris, such as dirt and gravel, to the larger holes at the edge of the drum. Active Drum™ is perfectly balanced to ensure the best possible washing and rinsing performance while still ensuring minimal wear on fabrics.


The Line Concept™ starts with the detergent drawer to the left and ends with the Start/Stop/Pause button to the right. Start with filling the detergent drawer then simply enter your desired settings from left to right! Line Concept™ is available on all Pro Home™ washing machines and tumble dryers.


The lifters in the wash drum can be removed to save you service costs. In other machines a service engineer would need to be called out but with our solution the user can sort the problem out themselves.


No one wants water damage at home. Even the smallest leak that goes undetected can cause major problems. This is why we have worked hard to create leak protection systems that even exceed the requirements set by national authorities. Our advanced AquaBlock™ system has sensors that can detect higher than usual water levels in the machine.

Offers valid 01 September 2021 - 31 October 2021

Double 'Buy My Parter' Offer applicable to all ASKO laundry models.

$800* Discount only applicable to packages that include both an eligible washing machine & dryer.
$1300* Discount only applicable to packages that include both an eligible washing machine, dryer & drying cabinet.

Offer only applies to new customer orders placed during promotional period. 
Excludes Project orders, commercial sales, damaged, display or run-out models.

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