For More Than 120 Years, Miele Have Been Building Appliances To Last

Because Ultimate Performance is Nothing Without Long-Lasting Reliability

Miele combines constant innovation with expert craftsmanship. It’s Miele’s meticulous devotion to detail that ensures Miele machines are built to last and perform for years to come.

Quality Ahead of Its Time

Miele stands for true craftsmanship, combining vision, precision, and careful attention to detail to ensure longevity and ultimate reliability.

From handles milled from a single piece of metal to matching gap dimensions across all product groups, each element forms part of Miele's obsession to create absolute perfection in their appliances.

Each product is manufactured to only the highest standard.  How many others go as far as to forge their own iron, craft their own parts, and make the machines that make the appliances?

Nothing is more important to Miele than quality. Only with Miele will you continue to enjoy the same exceptional performance from your appliances far into the future.

Since 1899, Miele Have Never Been Satisfied With The Best."Ground-breaking innovation is more than a cause for celebration. It’s a challenge to create something even better because striving for perfection is in our DNA. Immer Besser, Forever Better."

Appliances Built to Last Longevity Is The Ultimate Sustainability

Imagine, instead of replacing your appliances many times over the years – using just one. One whose performance will still impress years from now. One with smart technology so you also consume less water, less energy, less detergent for less of an impact on our planet.

Complete Peace of Mind 10,000 Hours of Testing* 

Where others are satisfied with just a few rounds of testing, Miele goes further for longer. Miele tests its appliances for up to 10,000¹ hours of use, ensuring ultimate performance and reliability – year after year.

¹For Full Details Visit miele.com.au/quality ² According to EN 60312-1