Liebherr EGN9271LHH Monolith 409L Integrated Column Freezer


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DescriptionMonolith by Liebherr. Cooling redefined. Quality, design and innovation have been at the forefront for Liebherr refrigeration for over 60 years. Continuing to challenge the status quo Liebherr introduced the Monolith range. Towering impressively at over 2 metres high, the ground-breaking new range is a literal tower of achievement in cooling technology. Monolith features superior energy efficiency, new food-saving advancements and a sleek design to integrate seamlessly into the kitchen.
SKU/Product IDEGN9271LHH
  • FrostSafe - Every year, thousands of tons of food are lost due to freezer burn, temperature fluctuations and other storage issues. But with Monolith’s FrostSafe system, airtight removable freezer drawers protect frozen food from unwanted air exchange and chilled air loss even when the door is opened. FrostSafe drawers are also generously deep and transparent, providing and optimum view of what’s stored within.
  • IceMaker - Monolith’s automatic IceMaker is a crowd pleaser in itself, producing 1.6kg of filtered ice in 24 hours. Activate the SuperFrost function for an even greater production capacity. With a 1.8kg storage capacity you will never be without.
  • SuperFrost - The automatic SuperFrost function reduces the temperature in your freezer to as low as -32°C (switching back to normal operation once it has reached -32°C). By activating prior to grocery shopping it will reduce the likelihood that existing items will suffer from excessive temperature rise while the door is left open for loading or temperature transfer from added warmer items.
  • InfinityLight - Whoever said beauty is more than skin deep could easily have been referring to Monolith by Liebherr. Because beyond its sleek, European persona lies a veritable sensory experience beginning with seamlessly integrated LED side lighting. Monolith’s controllable InfinityLight casts beautiful and even side lighting that can be fine tuned according to personal taste, including a soft brightening effect upon opening the doors and a pleasing night dimming feature. InfinityLight doesn’t just add drama and flair, it also emits less heat, preserving food quality. And because LEDs are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting, Monolith will help save you money while preserving the environment.
  • 2.4"Touch Display - Located behind the BluPerformance side by side appliance door, this high-resolution and high-contrast 2.4” touchscreen display can be read from any angle. Stored menu options are intuitive and easy-to-operate.
  • PowerCooling - At Liebherr, everything we do is designed to maximise utility and efficiency. That’s why Monolith is a showcase for our high-performance PowerCooling system. In addition to including our exclusive SuperCool and SuperFrost rapid cool down features, we’ve reinvented the interior of the Monolith to allow cold air to circulate behind the door. Which means items stored in the door stay just as cold as everything in the refrigerator. The FreshAir activated charcoal filter system eliminates odours and purifies incoming air, so everything smells as fresh as it looks.
  • SoftSystem - Monolith’s whisper-quiet operation will amaze you, but don’t mistake silence for weakness. As a company with engineering at its heart, every touch point conveys a sense of quality and strength. Depending on which size Monolith you choose, the door hinges are rated for up to 36kg. Chances are you will never test their limits, but you can feel confident knowing the door panels can support any application. The hinges allow for an opening angle of 115°, and will self close from an angle of 30°. And Monolith’s integrated SoftSystem technology allows the doors to close effortlessly, with no slamming to disturb the peace during a midnight snack run.
  • InfinitySwipe - While Monolith features the most advanced technology the industry has ever seen, everything about it is designed to be simple and effortless to use. So effortless, in fact, that you barely have to lift a finger to control every function. Monolith’s intuitive electronic touch control panel features a full colour 2.4 inch touch and swipe screen that’s bright, clean and wonderfully user friendly. Like all good design, it’s a beautiful testament to the idea that less is, indeed, more.
  • Please note: Images depicting side by side installation are for creative purposes only. Fridge and Freezer are sold separately.


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Please note: Stainless Steel Door Panel not included with purchase

Accessories available through purchase:

  • 39901883 - 24" Stainless Steel Door Panel (610mm)
  • 39901461 - Monolith brushed aluminium square handle (depth 48mm)
  • 39901489 - Monolith round stainless steel handle (depth 62mm)
  • 39901492 - Monolith brushed aluminium soft-edge handle (depth 62mm)
  • 39901428 - Side by Side Kit
  • 39901493 - 18" Stainless Steel Toe Kick (457mm)
  • 39901496 - 24" Stainless Steel Toe Kick (610mm)
  • 39901530 - 30" Stainless Steel Toe Kick (762mm)
  • 39902349 - 36" Stainless Steel Toe Kick (914mm)
  • 39901552 - 42" Stainless Steel Toe Kick (1067mm)
  • 39901765 - 48" Stainless Steel Toe Kick (1219mm)
  • 39901787 - 54" Stainless Steel Toe Kick (1371mm)
  • 39902366 - 60" Stainless Steel Toe Kick (1524mm)
  • 39902390 - 72" Stainless Steel Toe Kick (1828mm)

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Width (mm)602
Depth (mm)610
Height (mm)2126
Weight (kg)157
Colour DescriptionIntegrated (Own Cabinetry)
Refrigeration TypeFreezer only
Refrigerator StyleIntegrated, Column
Total Volume (L)409
Freezer Volume (L)409
Ice and WaterIce only
Plumbing RequiredYes
Energy Star Rating3
Door hingeLeft
Frost ControlFrost Free
Light TypeLED
Product RangeLiebherr Monolith
Warranty5 Year manufacturer's warranty
Type of connection10A plug & lead
Cavity Width (mm)610
Cavity Depth (mm)635
Cavity Height (mm)2134

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