Panasonic NNDS596BQPQ 27L Black 1000W Combination Convection Steam Microwave Oven

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DescriptionWhip up amazing meals rapidly with the Panasonic 27L Combination Convection Steam Microwave Oven, using four-in-one cooking. Able to simultaneously use multiple cooking modes in combination, you can create mouth watering food with ease. Using the oven and steam settings together can result in succulent, tender meats, while pairing the grill and microwave can speed up cooking time and retain a crispy exterior.
  • Fast and Fresh 4-in-1 Cooking - With new Turbo Steam and Crispy Grill technology and simultaneous 4-in-1 (steam, oven, grill, and microwave) cooking, this 27L combination oven makes it easy to prepare fresh food in a flash. The compact body features a pull-down door to free up kitchen space, while a flatbed design maximises the internal cooking area.
  • Genuine Steam Cooking - The steam feature can be used by itself or simultaneously with the microwave, grill, and oven modes to cook (or reheat) a wide range of fresh and delicious meals. The best part is that by adding steam, you can reduce traditional oven cooking times without impacting on quality and taste of your favourite meals.
  • High-Density Steam Power - Steam is injected from a high-efficiency boiler unit directly into the upper area of the microwave which is divided by the grill tray to stop steam from diffusing throughout the microwave. The result is powerful, high-density steam that gives you a fast new way to cook a wide range of ingredients, while reducing fat content, retaining flavor and keeping your food moist and tender.
  • Innovative Crispy Grill - With the upper heating element to grill from the top and the microwave-heated crispy grill tray to warm from the bottom, food cooks quickly and evenly without the need to turn midway. During cooking, excess fat is drained away by the pan's grooves to maintain a crispy outside and a juicy inside for fast food without any of the guilt.
  • Auto Cooking and Steaming - The Auto Cook and Auto Steam features make it easier than ever to prepare your food. Simply select Auto from the menu, set the weight of the food, and then press start. That's all it takes, as the NN-DS596B will automatically adjust the power level and cooking time to suit. No guesswork required!
  • Simultaneous Combination Cooking - You can use a combination of cooking modes at once for fast and fabulous results. For example, simultaneous use of the oven and steam settings will keep meat succulent when roasting, while combining the grill and microwave modes will speed up cooking time and retain crispiness.
  • Panasonic Inverter Technology - Conventional microwaves only give you one power setting, turning the heat on and off throughout the cooking process. Panasonic microwaves with Inverter technology are a whole different ballgame, delivering graduated power sequences continuously for more evenly cooked results.
  • Inverter Turbo Defrost - Take the guesswork out of thawing frozen items by utilising the clever Inverter Turbo Defrost mode. Simply select the category and weight of the food and this feature will automatically deliver the optimal defrosting time using advanced continuous-power Inverter technology.
  • Increased Cooking Space - The NN-DS596B microwave incorporates a Flatbed design, removing the need for a turntable. This innovation not only creates a 29% larger cooking area compared to conventional models, it also allows you to place dishes of all shapes and sizes inside the oven.


More Information
  • 1 x Crispy Grill Tray
  • 1 x Wire Rack
Width (mm)512
Depth (mm)400
Height (mm)347
Weight (kg)16.3
Microwave TypeFreestanding
Microwave Power (W)1000
Microwave Power Levels6
Microwave Cooking TypeInverter microwave, Microwave oven, Microwave steam oven
Microwave FunctionsAuto cook, Defrost, Bake, Roast, Reheat, Convection, Crisp, Defrost by time
Microwave Volume (L)27
Control typeDial, Touch controls
Grill LocationIntegrated electric grill
Warranty1 Year
Type of connection10A plug & lead

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